Monday, February 17, 2014

Shopping cart

shopping cart

Since I'm having a hard time getting sleep I thought I'd post some things I'll have to purchase in the near future…
  • A graduation dress - this is the one I'm dreading the most. I'm 95% sure I'll graduate this spring and I hate dress shopping. I don't even really know what I want, but I've kinda started to like that style, I do want the waistline a bit higher though.. I know I don't want a black colored dress (just like the way it looks in the pic), but I'm not sure if I want a white one either.. I mean I know I'm going to be tanned and white would make me look extremely dark, but I just feel like everyone always wears white. However, if I pick white, I want to purchase a pair of brightly colored heels. Like the ones in the picture. What do y'all think I should wear? 
  • A new pair of bikinis - I bought a top at VS during my holiday in the States, but I personally think  that you can never have too many bikinis. I haven't had a black colored bikini in forever, and I'm kinda liking the idea! Besides, dark colors attract the sun. Or that's what I've heard… I LOVE the top with the thing going criss-cross in the front, but it would give you awful tan lines. I don't like tan lines! 
  • A heart rate monitor - I still want one. Any ideas on which ones are good? 
  • A pair of faded, light colored jeans - spring is coming and I need a new pair of black jeans, but also something that welcomes spring appropriately. It's just that shopping for jeans isn't my favorite thing to do either.
  • A loosely fit t-shirt - Preferably in the color grey or black. Love the one in the collage
  • A new otter box - Mine's so worn out that I'm thinking that it's time to buy a new one. The colors on the one in the picture is gorgeous, and I'm starting to like the whole monogram thing. 
  • Nike Air Max - To be honest, I absolutely hated these when they started to become popular, now I really, really, really want a pair of my very own. I like the ones in the picture, but I think I just want ones in black and white, with maybe some grey. I want them to go with everything.   

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