Thursday, March 27, 2014

Clap along if you know that happiness is the truth

Do you know that feeling where you pretty much just smile like a complete dork? Some say it happens when you fall in love, which definitely isn't my case. Boys are dumb. Lol. Every song I listen too makes me smile and jump up and down, and the sun is shining and in an hour or so our road trip to visit Kata is going to begin!! Girls weekend, yaaay! How is it that all the little things put a smile on your face. It's weird how you never notice! 

Anyways, I promised I'd tell y'all about the workout Sofie made me do! I didn't do it until this morning because my hip was acting up yesterday. It tends to do that after I've ran on the pavement for a longer time. It's okay now though! The workout was awful and still I loved every bit of it because I could feel the burn.. I'm a tad bit scared though, when I'll be doing it next week with Sofie. She couldn't be here today… She said it was going to be even tougher next week, and I know she won't give me a break, which is good of course, but it always scares me because sometimes I feel like I can't do it even though I totally can! 

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