Sunday, March 30, 2014

I don't wanna work, I wanna make money while I sleep


I got back to Turku some hours ago after one of the best weekends this year!! Vasa was so much fun and I don't think I've laughed like that in ages. Kata was the perfect hostess and showed all the important places and kept us entertained! Thank you love, hopefully we weren't too annoying.
Five things that were memorable:

  1. Olli's - that place knows how to throw a party (and play music) 
  2. People in pampas don't know how to speak (it's like a different language) 
  3. I finally made up my mind where to apply for Uni (excited) 
  4. Dr. Bombay only really has one song that he played twice: Calcutta 
  5. Isa has a secret crush on anime people, she's practiced their way of posing 
I'll add some IG pictures as well.. I think I might do it tomorrow! For now I'll show y'all the pictures I stole from Jassi's Facebook.
THANK YOU for an amazing trip!! xx

Pampas '14 songs:
Albatraoz - Albatraoz 
Busy Doin' Nothin' - Ace Wilder
Summer - Calvin Harris
Money on my Mind - Sam Smith
Afterski - DJ Broiler

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