Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wanderlust or studying?

I think my point last night was misunderstood… Haha! I wasn't mad about the fact that people don't read my blog, I was just mad that I missed 5 points, but thank you to all of y'all who made it clear that you read it. Makes me smile. 
I honestly don't know when I've had the chance to sleep until 10AM and it feels so awesome! 
Although right now I feel extremely clueless of what I'm supposed to do with my spare time? I still haven't decided which school I'm going to pick as my number one, and since I haven't, I can't buy any books either… Can you believe that they all have different ones? It's complete bullcrap! 
I'm down to two choices: staying here in Turku or moving up to a town called Vasa. Vasa would be the real thing. If I got in I would have like a 4 year education to become a certified lawyer, whereas in Turku the education only lasts for two years and then I'll have to apply either to the Uni in Turku or the Uni in Helsinki to continue my law school studies. I don't know what to do… A couple of weeks ago I was positive that I was going to pick Turku, but now I feel like I might want to move away from here, but on the other hand, Turku is my home and there's no place like home. 
And to be perfectly honest, I just feel like taking a year off from studying and just pack a backpack and check-out the world Down Under and learn how to surf properly on Bali, and jump a bungee in NZ. I feel like this is the time in my life when I should be doing stuff like this.. 
Any ideas on what I should do? 


Annica said...

Sök in ti antingen åbo elr vasa, o sen kan du ju allti sätta din plats på hold o fa o resa, men då har du iaf en studieplats att komma tibaka till :)


ja joinar dig på backpack resan isf XDXD de sku va de bästa nånsin

Anonymous said...

I think you've got it backwards there. In Vaasa you either study about 3 yers (180 studypoints) and then you continue to Helsinki for the last two years (120 sp). If you study in Turku you study for 3 years, become a so-called "rättsnotarie" (180sp) and then you have to apply for the right to continue at either Turun yliopisto or Helsingin yliopisto in Helsinki (120 sp). Just som you know :)

Ansku said...

Annica: De ha jag nog tankt gora :) problemet e ba att valja vilkendera :D fast Inka sa i naga skede att man kanske int kan flytta upp med ett ar utan en bra orsak? Men ja har nog forstatt att man kan… ?

Josso: Heck YEAH! XD

Anonym: Okay, gotcha!! I'm still contemplating between those two, and the only thing I really knew was that in Turku you only get to the rattsnotarie part and then you'll have to try to get into either Turun YO or Helsingin… But thanks for the information :)