Thursday, April 3, 2014

Betty Spaghetti

I'm dead. It was nice to meat y'all.

Seriously. I have the toughest PT out there. The scariest bit: she doesn't yell. She has this intimidating way of saying you can do it, where you just can't say no. A part of it might be the fact that she's my best friend and I want to be a successful first PT trainee she has, so that she gets off to a good start, but she's good! So thank you Sofie for kicking my butt, AGAIN.

Pretty after-workout pictures. I wasn't this happy during the workout….

sweaty hair and no eyebrows.. I'm such a looker haha

Anyways, after last night's nightmares I'm finally realizing that I need to

  1. start making a guest list for my graduation
  2. FIND THAT DRESS (panic!!!!) 
  3. start making invitations
  4. book an appointment for the hairdresser
  5. figure out what to do with my hair 
So that's today's agenda, along with 2 hours of my first day of studying for the entrance exams. Yippeee

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