Friday, April 4, 2014

Burger, Blanco & Besties

My three favorite B's. Just kidding. The burger was delicious though, blanco is a lovely place to sit and these girls definitely are some of my best besties!!

So today I had lunch with my lovely ladies and enjoyed the first cider outside on the patio! It was wonderful as long as the sun was shining, but when it got cloudy, it also got cold. After a while when it got to be too chilly we decided to drive to my place and play a game of trivial pursuit. Jassi won, but she did get the easy questions, and I got the hard ones! I do say that I rallied and made quite the spurt in the end, as both Emppu and Jassi had almost all their pieces of cakes while I had ZERO and still managed to beat Emppu. Ah, you can't beat this genius in the making. Okay, now I'm seriously just kidding.

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