Monday, April 14, 2014

mama said there'd be days like these...

...where it feels like it goes up and down, and up again, only to drastically drop to floor level. I just really want to go to bed, and sleep it off, knowing that tomorrow will be better, but I can't sleep when this over analyzing/thinking part of me succumbs. It's like I have no off-button and all I do is dwell on past and present things that make me upset, which usually ends up in me behaving in a way that makes me even more sad later on.
Frankly it's annoying. I mean I was having a great time at Isa's, and then I got home and all the stuff on my to-do list just piled up in my head and I freaked out. Too many things to stress about, and I even started worrying about stuff that is absolutely unnecessary at this point. 
I mean seriously, if I can't even truly celebrate the fact that Joffrey FINALLY died in Game of Thrones… I just need to go to bed. Haha. 

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