Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Busy doing everything except nothing

Nails ✓ 

I LOVE the way my nails turned out. They're not too much for my baby hands and the gold is perfect, since the lyra on my cap is gold and my jewelry will be gold too.
If you ever need someone to fix your nails for a party, wedding or just for fun, you should totally go to my friend Mariel. She's amazing. Okay, I might be biased since she's practically the big sister I never had, but still. 

I just finished vacuuming my room, but there's still the rest of the house that needs to be cleaned... I also need to finish my baking all before 18.00, because that's when I'm supposed to take my butt to the gym and afterwards I'm going to go and celebrate Tiia's 20th bday!!! 

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Anonymous said...

ååh vad fina naglar! vill också sätta sådä kunnon men får inte pga av jobbe så måst ha såndä perus som håller en dag -.- :( men jätte fina!