Monday, June 2, 2014

Officially graduated

Hey peeps!

I promise my blogging will get better from now on. No more stressing and time to just work and enjoy summer, and hopefully plan my trip abroad.
My graduation day was one of the best days of my life! Having all the people that matter to me most coming to celebrate with me and especially having my American family there was amazing. I have to admit I was a little bit nervous about them coming and how everyone would like them, but I worried for nothing. Everybody absolutely loved them, and I think they really liked everyone as well! I wish they could have stayed for a bit longer, but I'm sure they'll come again (hopefully soon), and I've already planned my next trip there, so I'm excited!!

I know I complained about the fact that the first dress I ordered turned out to be not what I wanted, but it's okay because the one I ordered from Topshop was even more perfect! I loved having a dress that wasn't white like everyone else's and I think the color was perfect for my tanned skin. I got my shoes last Christmas and I thought they'd look good with the dress, and I think they did since I got a lot of compliments on them. I was supposed to have big curls, but because of the weather we decided to put it in a bun. At first I hated it because I thought I looked dumb with the cap and the hair, but everyone thought I did the right decision, so in the end I didn't even remember it. My jewelry were very simple with a golden bracelet from MK and my necklace I got as a graduation present from none other than TIFFANY'S??!?!?! I absolutely love it and I'm pretty sure I'll never take it off. Haha

We had the party at our house and almost everyone I had invited made it which was great!! I got so many presents and I don't think I've ever smiled that much. So thank you to everyone and for every present and flower, I'm so grateful and blessed to have such amazing people surrounding me.



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