Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sometimes I surprise myself of how funny I am.

Today I'm basically just working. Morning shift and night, but I got a solid 3,5 hour tanning time in between, so I'm not complaining.
Here is my OOY (outfit of yesterday, he he he) I know, it's a mirror selfie, but I don't have people that have time to take pictures of me, and I look so much more fab through mirror pics. Okay, does anyone else think I'm funny because I feel like I'm beyond hilarious and keep laughing at my own jokes. What a moron.

HAHAHAHA, look at my midget feet next to my brothers shoes. Seriously, they're abnormal, and weird, and freakishly little. As well as my hands. I mean people that are a head shorter than me have bigger hands…

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