Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pouring my heart out - part 2

I know.. What's up with me and my long posts? Two of them in two days? What? Haha

Anyways, I just got so annoyed that I had to write about this. Since therapy's expensive, this is my way of pouring out the stuff that's making me angry. And an angry me isn't a pleasant sight.
I know it's easy to judge people, and do it in a way were it seems like you're just being an angel, being the perfect person and somehow managing to make it sound like you never do anything wrong. Gosh, it makes me mad. And yes I know I'm probably capable of doing it myself, but I think it's safe to say that most of the time I realize my mistakes - I might just not always admit it to other people (Lol). Anyways what got me so irritated is the fact that people are being so damn informative of how people should behave, when they are practically doing the same thing all the time.
I can honestly admit that I'm a pretty shitty person from time to time. I'm fiercely loyal to my friends, I would do anything for them. I might bicker and disagree a lot, but I care. I care about them more than they would ever know. Mostly due to the fact that I'm not a mushy person what-so-ever. Only after I've had a couple of drinks. That's when my girly, giggly, lovey dovey side comes out… I care a lot, but sometimes it comes across in a wrong way. Anyways, my point was that I'm not always nice to people that aren't my friends. I'm easily judgmental and give the stink eye, a lot. I used to be absolutely horrid, but know I think I'm getting better. At least by hearing how nice and friendly I am from a lot of random people. My old friends always laugh at this and I'm not quite sure if I should be offended or not? I really am jumping off the topic a lot today… Aren't I?
Anyways, I wish people would stop saying what is right. There isn't really a right or a wrong. I mean of course there is, but people have different views on that matter, and what we must realize is that people mature differently and if you find yourself so freaking mature, then don't tell other people what to do. Just let them be and figure it out on their own.
I'm honestly debating on whether to post this or not, because I know people will automatically assume I'm talking about them. Yet another thing that makes me annoyed. Who knows, I might have gotten annoyed from watching Awkward and thinking about how stupid Jenna is for always making the wrong decisions or Jake turning into some weird hippie kid that's a complete dbag.

Peace and Love Peeps, (I can already feel my heart rate going down. Ah, the calmness, here's a pretty chill picture of the raging maniac behind the screen… I'm cool as a cucumber) 

Pikachu was and totally is the best pokemon that has ever existed! 
Yet again, a post that I need to come back too myself, when I'm being pissy and mean. It's so not cool to act like a complete bitch, that was so 5 years ago. And to all my friends, thank you for being there. I know I'm a difficult person. Honestly, it makes me love y'all even more for being there.

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