Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Sky Full of Stars

I LOVE Coldplay. That is one band I need to see during this lifetime. I have so many memories that go with their songs, and ah, their songs make me happy, sad, nostalgic. I love music, especially Coldplay's.

I've been planning what next year will look like a little bit! I'm both excited and nervous. Nervous because of the financial side of things, but I just need to work hard and put all the money I make up for savings. I also heard about some interesting choices that I could think myself of doing that has to do with applying for universities next year. I know I have my entrance exam next week, but I already know its going nowhere, and I'm perfectly fine with that. It doesn't make me stupid, in fact I think it's more of a smart choice for me to take a year off to explore the things I want to do, and then feel rested and ready for the next step, which leaves me more motivated to study for next spring.

Anyways, two days off from work. Still feeling sick, but hopefully being able to do something besides laying in bed watching netflix and getting more fat. I started watching Pretty Little Liars and that show is just beyond messed up.

Stay healthy, eat a lot of vitamin C, and go for a run (just to make me feel upset and to feel better, a win win situation in my books)

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