Saturday, June 28, 2014

A typical day at work

As I've probably mentioned before I work at a gym, both at the reception and at the kid's place. The kid's place is a chance for the parents to leave their kids for max. 1,5hours during the time they go and workout. I definitely like the kid's place more, I might get longer hours at the reception, but nothing beats playing with the kids. Some of them are regulars and you get close to them. Nothing beats the feeling than when a kid is leaving and instead of waving and saying bye, they run to you and give you a hug! However, both my co-worker and I agree that we definitely aren't ready for kids of our own… I love the babies and I love hugging and kissing them, but when they get cranky, hungry and tired it gets pretty tough. So I definitely lift my imaginary hat to all parents out there, y'all are doing a terrific job and deserve y'alls breaks.

Anyways, a typical workday at the kid's place for me begins when the first kid arrives…

We always write down the kids names and the parents and whether they are going to the gym or on a class like indoor cycling. We also write down the time so that we know when the parents are approximately going to arrive. 

Mostly the workday goes by while playing with the kids and laughing at the games they come up with. The newest hit is throwing the food into the trash bin (read the floor). They also LOVE the circus tent and jumping up and down in it. Poor tent, I'm pretty sure it's seeing its last days. Just look at it in the picture above.. Being upside down and all.

The most annoying part about the job is cleaning after the kids. Some of them help me out when I ask them, but a lot of times they're still playing when their parents come and pick them up which means that they don't have the time to clean up. One of the most annoying things to clean up are puzzles! Especially in the mornings when my brain is still in its morning mode, I have a hard time figuring out the puzzles and once I just didn't find the right pieces where I had to leave the puzzle for Ninni to finish. That was extremely embarrassing. Haha! 

All in all, I am very thankful for my job and I definitely love it. The kids make it the best job in the world for a young girl like me, and it also makes me prepared for the future when I do decide to have my own kids. I already have the naughty corner under control, holding two babies or even three in my arms at the same time, and I'm quite the pro at changing diapers. 
Some days are more quiet and some days are just spent sitting by the table, coloring pictures of Hello Kitty's and My Little Pony. 

Anyways, there's a glimpse into my everyday life. Hope you liked it. 

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