Friday, June 27, 2014

Ah, looky here, looky here, ah what do we have?


  1. How is it that I look so much better in B&W?? It's like a little girl vs. not a little girl. 
  2. I don't know how my teeth ever got that white, but I'm thanking everything and everyone that made it possible. Mostly Crest 3D White. 
  3. I'm sorry for flashing my boobs a little bit. If I'm being perfectly honest I was taking progress photos of my wimpy bicep muscles and the yoga top was a much better option than my XL T-shirt. Not showing those though, until I've made some serious progress. 
What else? Well the weather is seriously depressing, and I'm feeling kinda sad. I'm super excited about Ruisrock next week and the fact that I'll actually have a whooping 3 days off work!!! Work is kinda boring and quiet since everyone are on their holidays, but I do have a typical workday post coming up tomorrow! 
I have a new addiction! Quark with kiwi yoghurt protein powder and some fruits or berries. The best post workout snack ever! I could eat that and ONLY that. 

Again, sorry for the selfies. Sometimes I feel as if I look kinda good and that's when the selfies pop up. The fact that I'm wearing zero make-up only makes it better. 

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