Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The most important thing in your life

Friends. (Family included in that)

This weekend really made me realize what wonderful people I have in my life. I know I've said it before but I have a lot of issues concerning my self-esteem and being good enough. Well, one of the greatest gifts I got was from my beautiful Sanna. She had made me a poem, and it was so beautiful that my mom started crying when I read it to her. This is definitely a thing I will cherish and get back too when I'm feeling low. Since she wrote it in English I thought it would be cool to post it below. It is so beautiful and I wish Sanna would write a book, because she is just as beautiful, smart, funny and witty as Carrie Bradshaw and her book would be the best. She has a way with words...
Anyways, here it is.

Ansku! Ansku! Burning bright! Supernova of the night!
Here we are, one step closer
now it's time for some exposure.
Of the world and all it's wonder.
Promise me you'll venture, yonder!

You have the eyes of exquisite beauty and all the rest of you is just such a cutey!
Wit, and smarts, and a good judge of character.
(so Gods up there, promise to take care of her!)
You are wise beyond your years and have the guts to fight your fears
Your kindness makes you unique, you're what the French call "fantastique".
My pen may stumble, but you are stunning.
Look at what a lovely woman you're becoming.
You illuminate my heart, you warm up my soul.
And I'm happy to know you'll reach all of your goals. 

And if you ever come in doubt of just how special you are...
Just look into my eyes and you'll see how you belong among the stars. 

I mean this is just amazing. It's amazing to realize that even though you don't always believe in yourself, you do have people around you that believe, incase your own belief falters. I'm so blessed, and I know that somewhere inside me there is that girl in the poem. Sanna doesn't lie. Haha. 
Definitely one of the most special presents I received. 

It's good to know that I don't always suck, even though I have my moments. 


acidrockrebel said...

I love you! You never suck and YES I NEVER LIE!!! Thank you so much for this, I'm so glad you liked the poem. Honestly though with a girl like you it took no time at all to write! Good subject matter <3

Never stop believing in yourself. You can achieve anything. I mean that. Sky's the limit. Never settle for anything less than your biggest dreams. You are worthy because you are here. You will always be worthy.

Ansku said...

Jag ar nog en lyckans ost som ha fatt en sa fin van av dig!!! Elixia har nog gett mig mer en bara en arbetsplats, den har gett mig nagra av de basta manniskorna i mitt liv.