Tuesday, June 3, 2014


First of all I wanted to thank everyone who gave me anything from a card and a rose to money or presents! I love everything I got and I can honestly say there wasn't anything I got that I was disappointed with...

Is it weird that I got really excited about the Mo√ęt champagne?? Well I did! I have to save it for a special occasion! Is champagne like wine? Can you store it? 
I'm super excited about my fitbit that my cousin and her boyfriend got me!! Hillary was telling me how awesome it is and now I have my own!! My parents also FINALLY got me the heart rate monitor I wanted, so I think I'm pretty much set on that note. 
I got a bunch of stuff for the future when I get my own place along with a gift card to Ikea!! Now I just need to save up the money to move to my own place.

I know my posts are pretty much graduation themed, but I only have one more and then I'm done and moving on to other things!! Hang on, Lol. 

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