Thursday, June 12, 2014


Vasa was interesting… I'm glad I didn't take it too seriously this year and just kinda checked the situation. The people in there however… Weird, freaky, intimidating…. I mean seriously it's an exam and you have to sit there for almost 5 hours (if you've actually studied properly unlike me) and still you put on a dress and curl your hair?? I don't know. Weird.
Yesterday I hung out at Josephine's. It was sorta like her going away party. She's going to Cyprus to hopefully work during the season. I think it's super cool that she decided to do this!
I'm waiting on Meri to pick me up. We're going to Emppu's for a margarita night. I'm excited!!
I'm taking my camera with me, but not promising to take any pictures
Peace out. (hahahahahaha)

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