Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Time Out

Hey readers,
I had my blog on hold for about a week. Many of you probably thought I deleted it and to be honest that thought did occure to me, but I decided to just switch it to private.
When I started this whole blogging thing I had a reason for it, to write about my exchange year (this was my blog number one), this one I started writing because I enjoyed writing about my everyday life along with other things that mattered to me. Now I feel like it's something I have to do instead of just feeling like doing it. The reason why I switched it to private was to see how it felt not being able to write, but also not being able to see my blog unless I was logged on my blogger account, and I came to that conclusion that even though I might not write everyday, it's still fun to keep it around, for me and maybe for some of y'all that sometimes take the time to read it. I guess I just felt like I had to write certain things, like I had to have a blog like everyone else, with outfitpictures among other things.
Don't get me wrong, I like wearing cute clothes, I just mostly decide not too, since I'm pretty much always working and I feel like it's more appropriate for me to wear my running tights instead of a dress to a gym. Also I don't have anyone to take my pictures and it just takes too much time. So no, I won't be posting outfit pictures in the future either, unless I feel like it.
This summer is mostly about working, working and working some more. I have some exciting plans that will hopefully come true, and that's why I'm not elaborating on those plans because they might not work out.
Anyways, I'm back, but I'm also enjoying life which means that I'll be writing when I feel like it, adding pictures when I want too, and if there isn't a blog post for a week, I'm probably busy.
Yay or nay? (I honestly don't care - okay, maybe a little bit)
With lots of love,

For those who add outfitpictures.. I have nothing against you, I like outfitpictures, I'd just rather be behing the camera instead of in front of it!

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Hedda said...

Yay, o ja har exakt samma me outfitbilder.. :D