Monday, October 27, 2014

Australia (say it with the accent)

So, I lied. I didn't write about my plans yesterday.. I was busy though. I had the morning shift, which was insanely busy and after that I had to run home to bake a cake for my godfather since it was his birthday and he was coming for a visit. I made a chocolate cake with the easiest recipe in the world! Just a lot of chocolate, some butter and flour. Usually I would try to make it a little bit healthier by leaving the butter out, and switching some of the flour for some  heat-resistant protein powder and some coconut flour, but since I know that my godfather isn't really into all that healthy stuff, I decided to make it deliciously unhealthy.

Anyhow, about my trip... My plane leaves from Helsinki on the 22nd of November and flies straight to Singapore without stopping anywhere. In Singapore I'll switch flights, and that flight will take me to Sydney.
I arrive in Sydney on the 24th, so the flight is going to be longest one I have ever endured... I am seriously thinking that this is going to be the worst part of my trip... since I somehow lack the ability to sleep on planes?
In Sydney I'll be in a hurry to either take a cab or the metro to wherever the EBS school is. Yes, you read correctly. I will be attending on a one month course, in which at the end of it, I will be a certified bartender.

Pretty cool, huh?
I wanted to do it for 3 reasons...
1. I think it's a good way to get some more work during summer, and while I'm studying.
2. I think it's cool to be able to whip up a drink... Like actually knowing how to make a mojito!
3. I honestly miss studying for something... and on the course I'll have to learn over 80 drinks????? (Nerd alert)

After I'm done with the course, I will start my backpacking trip around Australia. I haven't made any official plans, but I definitely want to travel up the Goald Coast!! Beach weather.... Ah, I miss you!

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