Tuesday, December 2, 2014

PartyBus and other stuff

Hey peeps!

Guess what?! I'm sick. Like sore throat, runny nose, headache, generally feeling miserable...
Sue and I started feeling bad yesterday, and today was just awful. I still rallied and took my butt to school because you get behind so much, by just missing ONE day????
I got a tip on an awesome flu-medicine, so hopefully I'll be able to sleep and feel better tomorrow. I mean we are going surfing on Saturday after all and I want to be on my A game.

Anyways, last Saturday was partybus Saturday. It was hot and sweaty, but SO WORTH IT!
Here are some pictures from that night from their facebook page:

Dropping like it's hot -  Also, I'm starting to become a ginger

I was supposed to do a post about Harbor Bridge and the Opera House, but unfortunately I forgot my cord to my camera, so I need to go and buy a new one, and until that I won't be able to add any new pictures. At least not from my system camera. 
Hopefully I'll have time to buy it tomorrow, but if not, I'll just steal some more pictures from different fb pages and do posts based on that. 

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