Monday, December 1, 2014

8 things I love about Sydney

(So far)

1. The weather - I love that it's warm, but I like the rain showers we get from time to time. 
2. The public transportation - you can get anywhere you need to go with either a train or a bus. I got this train/bus card where you download as much money as you want on it and after 8 rides, you ride the rest of the week for free! And each trip is like 3 dollars maybe? 
3. The people - they are just so mellow... Always smiling and being extremely helpful if you aren't sure where you're going. I went for a run today and every single person smiled to me when our eyes met??? In Finland people would just turn their head away as soon as someone noticed them looking.
4. The street art/architecture - there is art everywhere you look! Cool graffiti, buildings are huge and modern, but with cute, little houses.
5. The nightlife - I LOVE THEIR MUSIC!! I'm so sick of the crappy techno dubstep they play at the clubs in Finland. Here they play a mix of old and new, and nothing gets me more going than drop ot like it's hot. 
6. The school - I'm going to tell you more about it later this week, but as of now I'll just say that I'm learning so much!!
7. The beaches - they're well kept and clean and there is a lot of different options food wise. Like the other day when I was hungover (oops), I just really wanted smoothie and I was able to get it! 
8. All the people on the course - I like pretty much everyone and I think they're fun to spend time with. 

Here are some pictures from the weekend!! I'm on my phone again since I don't have the time to log on my computer. I have a lot of studying to do.

Tomorrow we're going to see The Opera house, so I should have a ton of proper camera pictures then!! 

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