Sunday, December 14, 2014

Too School for Cool


I finally had the chance to go and purchase the device I need in order to add picture to this stupid old computer of mine. YAY x1000!!

I thought I'd tell y'all about the school since someone commented (yay again) and wished to know more about it.

I learned about EBS through my cousin, who did it in London a couple of years ago. I also kept getting commercials on my newsfeed on facebook and decided that I wanted to do it. First of all you get paid well in Finland for working at a bar and it's easily manageable along with your studies.
I started off by contacting EBS through their website, asking some questions about the school, and they replied in like a day, which was super fast.
Australia was the obvious choice. since it was the place I most wanted to visit. I started talking to this girl and we went through the payments and some other stuff, like getting a visa and so on.
The course is pretty expensive, but it is also well known and appreciated.

The school is a four week intensive course, where you only get the weekends off, and even then you really need to study! Knowing what I know now, I really should have studied that first weekend as well.

The first week is maybe a little bit slower paced than the rest, since everything is still kinda new. You do three main things: flairing, free-pouring and bar. Every day you get like 6 drinks to study for the next day, and every day you get tested on those drinks. I can proudly say that I've made all A's except one C, when I was sick and had to learn 10 in one day.
Flairing isn't really my thing and tomorrow we'll have a test one it.... Thank goodness it's only 10% of your grade, so even if you fail, you still have a chance of becoming a bartender.

When you practice your drinks at the bar, you only use water and food coloring. Let's face it, if we used actual alcohol it would mean huge economical losses for EBS because of spillage. Everyday you go through the actual making of the cocktails you have had to study for that day and then we also make some combos. My favorite part of the day is definitely the bar training. Especially when we get combos and we have a time limit where we have to make it. It's super intense and fun.
Also this last Friday we had a cocktail competition were we had to come up with our own cocktail and a theme around it. Our team was called boats 'n hoes and our drink was called the Heart of The Ocean, which you probably can already guess had a titanic theme. It was heaps fun!

So every week is pretty much the same, with master classes on Wednesday on distillery, whisky, liqueurs and other bigger topics, which you get tested on, on Friday's. On Friday's we also have cocktail tastings on all the drinks we've had that week. My favorites so far are: Amaretto sour, Mojito, Straight Up Daquiri and Tom Collins.

Tomorrow we have our final week, which also means exam week.
Monday and Tuesday we're basically just doing bar training because on Wednesday we have our most important exam, the bar exam. We also have the big drink and theory exams that lasts up to 5 hours, but the most stressful one is the bar one, because you won't be able to pass the course unless you pass that one.
In the bar exam you have to make 12drinks, under 20minutes which doesn't sound too bad, but you have to get them exactly right. Like if you miss an ingredient you get minus 10 points because that means that your drink is incorrect, so you REALLY need to know your drinks!! Stress, stress, stress.

If you had any more questions about the school, just hit me up and I'll definitely answer them ASAP!!


Anonymous said...

Kiitos tästä! :-) onko sulla tarkotus matkustaa vai tehdä töitä siellä koulun jälkeen?

Ansku said...

Tarkoitus on matkustaa, ja voin itseasiassa siitakin tehda postauksen erikseen etta mita on suunnitelmissa! Voin myos kertoa miksen tee taalla toita :)