Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Scary stuff


I was supposed to blog yesterday, but in the light of the events of yesterday, I just honestly did not feel like it, nor did I have time with all the studying I'm doing. I promise that after tomorrow I'll have more time to blog with being done with school and all. It feels crazy to think that the final exam is tomorrow, also meaning that I've almost spent a whole month in Australia already?! 

So, I guess my longer trips can't happen without something scary or crazy going on. In the States it was illegal Mexicans barging in on our ranch without permission, and here it's a hostage situation. 

I don't know if y'all have heard, but yesterday around 9AM a man locked himself inside the Lindt Cafe with about 30 people as hostages. He was carrying a shotgun. Apparently he was some religious fanatic that claimed to be a muslim leader. 
About 15hours later something started happening, and unfortunately two people along with the gunman got killed and several were injured. 

I just wanted to say that my thoughts and prayers are with the injured and the families of the deceased. I also want to say that we should not blame any specific nationalities or religions, when it was only one sick, crazy man who is to blame for this sad event. 

I'll try to make a more happier post tomorrow. 

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