Thursday, January 1, 2015


Good evening folks! 

Last night was probably the craziest New Years I've had so far.... 
We started the night off by having some pre drinks at Tea's co-workers flat. There was like maybe 8 people all in all, and 5 of them were Swedes. It's like Sweden is taking over Sydney. I'm definitely hoping for less Swedish in the other parts of Australia... 
Anyhow, one of the other people living in that flat invited us to her friend's house, and since it was pretty much impossible to get into town, we thought why not. 
What we hadn't expected was this super nice O.C-ish house with a bunch of rich kids in it. 
The house had a sundeck on the roof and that was where we watched the fireworks. You could pretty much see the whole Sydney from that roof. 

We also got free drinks all night, but at like 2.30 we just decided it was time to go home, since Tea had to work the next day. I ended up spending the night at her place bc there was no way of me getting home to Newtown, except walking... Yeah... My flats were killing my feet as it was, so no. 

Today I've just freaked out about packing. It was so much more difficult than when I left from home and I haven't even shopped that much! Honestly. 
Now I'm sitting on the bus to Melbourne and I'll be arriving there at 8AM tomorrow. So excited! 

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