Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Brighter like Brighton Beach

Hello to whoever reads this! 

I haven't posted much, but I haven't had much to say. Positive anyways. Haha, jk. 

I need to confess that this is the first time
I've been wanting to be back in finnyland since I came here. I'm just so over the big cities and want to just do other fun stuff than sightseeing, you know? 
And I don't like my hostel that much. It had good reviews and that's why I picked it, but it's more for people who just want to party all the time. 

1st of all: it's too big, so you don't really get the opportunity to meet people unless you room with them 
- during my first days I roomed with a bunch of asians, and let me tell you that it is hard trying to start a conversation with people who only speak whatever they're speaking. I also had 3 britt's or some other English speaking persons, but they were never in the room. Partypeople.

2nd of all: the kitchen sucks! Stoves don't work, you have no space to put your food in the fridge and breakfast consists of cerial (weetabix or cornflakes) and toast with pb&j... Thank goodness that I actually like PB these days!

3rd of all: the room smells so bad! 

4th:  the cleaning guy is so rude. I came out of the shower hoping for some privacy, which you rarely get and he just continues cleaning like he has no care in the world. Sorry, but the reason I bring my clothes and lotions and crap is because I want to be able to change clothes WITHOUT guys staring at my half-naked body. I had to literally squeeze into this tiny toilet cubicle to change. (I room with both guys and girls)

5th: I woke up last night to a new guy being high on something and just walking around the room in circles unzipping/zipping his own bag like a thousand times. At least I hope it was his bag...? I have all my valuables in a locked locker, but my backpack was laying next to my bed, so I stayed up over 2 hours until the guy crashed just in case. 
Mom 1&2: I have my pepperspray close to me just in case. LOL. 
Safe to say I was pissed and told him today that if he ever did that again, I would report him. 

What saved me was two days of beachtime! Ah, I've missed it so much! 
So all in all, I'm in a good mood, just kinda ready to go to Perth and the East Coast, especially since it's supposed to rain the rest of the week.... No worries, I'll come up with something fun to do! 

Melbourne as a city is really cool though, so I'm not hating on Melbourne, just the hostel and some of the people in it.

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