Sunday, January 4, 2015

My runs beat y'alls

Honestly... If my scenery was this awesome while running in Finland, I'd run everyday! Time just flew by today when I went for a run... An hour felt like 30 minutes! 

After my run I decided to cool down by taking a stroll through the botanical gardens here in Melbourne. 
I guess I do have that love and fascination for flowers somewhere inside of me after all... Probably got it from my grandma's whom both had (one still has) the most amazing gardens! If I ever get my own, big house I most definitely want to have a beautiful garden, and if I can't do it by myself I'll just ask my grandma to come and do it for me. She's a superwoman who will probably live another 15 years minimum. So no worries as they say here in OZ.
Speaking of my grandma... However lovely that I found this garden was, it didn't beat the one on my grandma's backyard. Mummu you're simply the best.

Oh and here is also an extremely attractive picture of little ole me... Looking refreshed and not sweaty at all...

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