Sunday, February 1, 2015

Airlie Beach

Arrived at Airlie Beach late on Friday night after a 10 hour busride.... I have a couple of things planned that I would like to do here, but mostly it will just be tanning and chilling until Friday when I will be going to Brisbane. 
On the way to Airlie I saw my first wild kangaroos, which was pretty cool! We were driving so unfortunately I didn't get a picture. Boo!
The hostel is made out of small 6 bedded bungalows. Right now I'm rooming with two German girls, one Canadian, one British and a Mexican, I think? We're all girls, so changing and showering isn't as awkward as it has been. Lol. 

It's my birthday tomorrow and I'm pretty sure that it will be the weirdest one so far....  Usually I have friends or family with me, but this time I'll be on my own. 

The joy of becoming an adult I guess! 
P.S. There's like no free wi-fi, so all my posts will be on my phone, so sorry about the wonky design.

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