Friday, March 6, 2015

Three months in OZ, part 1

Hiya dudes and dudettes, just letting you know that this one is going to be a longer post! 

First of all I want to thank the anonymous person who commented on my latest post, warms my heart! Definitely makes it feel less like an inner monologue. 

This trip included:
  • 1 completed barschool
  • 8 visited cities/towns/villages - whatever you might want to call them 
  • 1st scuba dive and skydiving experience 
  • Several sunburns (mostly reminiscing about my burned face after falling asleep at Victoria Park and Sue's legs after a day at Penguin Island thinking she could tan like me) 
  • Some tears (Tea getting kicked out from Manly, all the goodbyes I had to say) 
  • Realizing that my American accent is never going to disappear 
  • Getting to know some of the most amazing people!!! 
  • Falling in love with the country most of y'all know as Australia.

I thought I'd do a short pros and cons list of each place I visited, with some tips of what to purchase or what to see. I'm putting this in two parts to try to keep it shorter. 


My first stop on the trip and the place I stayed the longest at. I loved the big city life, even though Sydney has nothing on New York… well maybe the weather. In Sydney you definitely need to buy an opal card to travel around the city, since everything is so far away. 

My Aussie besties for the resties! 
Some of us even managed to get some new ink on their skin - the question that should be asked is was I one of them?
The Opera House + Sue
Circular Quay 
Blue Mountains
+ Newtown - a cute area of the city with a small town vibe with its old buildings and artwork on the walls of the buildings. If you're going out in Newtown I would recommend going to Zanzibar. 
+ Bondi Beach/Coogee coastal walk - I didn't walk all the way from Bondi to Coogee, but I did do some morning runs while I was staying with Tea and the views are definitely worth the walk. 
+ Darling Harbor - awesome bars and an even more awesome movie theatre (if you want to splurge a bit). However it is worth the money as it is has one of the biggest screens in the world. 
- Expensive 
- Surfing - I'd probably do surfing in Byron Bay with its more chill atmosphere and surfy vibes, but you can still do it at the famous beaches like Bondi and Manly.
- It is a big city and you have to take time to get form one place to another - not so fun. 


Melbs was probably the least favorite part of my trip. However I definitely blame the fact that I was by myself and didn't exactly know where to go and what to do. It didn't help that the weather was crap, along with the hostel. 

+ The cafes! I found so many cute places with good food and coffee.
+ Hosier Lane and the artwork in general - this is definitely the city for artists! 
- Discovery Melbourne - the rooms stank and it was just not my favorite place
- The weather - in Melbourne you never know what you're going to get. 


I LOVED IT! Haha, mostly because of Sue and her friends, but I did love Perth as a place. It was a nice change after spending a month and a half in two big cities. It was quiet and small, but oh so lovely. 

+ Freemantle Market - definitely a thing you should do while visiting Perth. It's only open from Friday to Sunday, but that only makes it better. 
+ North Beach - and all the beaches in general. I personally thought they were the best ones of all the beaches I visited in Australia. Okay, maybe not Whitsunday Island, but you can't compare. 
- You kinda need to have a car, or at least I think it would be kinda hard to get to the best secluded beaches without one. Thank goodness for Sue and her awesome car! 
- Perth is also pretty expensive…


The place to be at if the Great Barrier Reef is something you want to experience, and you should. 

+ Gilligan's - the best hoStel BY FAR. 
+ Scuba diving with a boat called Silver something is recommended. 
+ All the amazing people I met like Amy 1, Amy 2 and Cherisee, not to mention the first two Finnish girls I met (Hanna and Mari), and my favorite American from my trip down Under, Sammie! 
- Small place 
- The beaches there were a bit of a disappointment to be honest. 

4/8, hopefully I'll be able to write the second one in a couple of days. BTW, I am really having thoughts about changing the language from English to Finnish. What do you guys think? 

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