Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Back home

Yes, you read correctly. I'm back home in Finland and secretly thinking about when the next trip will be. First however I need to do some things here in Finland.

I was thinking about writing a post about the pros and cons of each of the places I visited. Would that be something y'all would like to read about?
After that I'm not sure I will continue writing this blog. Mostly because I don't have that much to write about, but also because I don't want to stress about writing.

Being home feels the same. It's honestly like I never left. I've loved being with my family again and being able to see my friends. Those are the ones I only really miss when being away. Finland, especially this time of year, is not something I miss that much when I'm away, and I think that is why I can definitely picture myself living somewhere else than Finland in the future. I would however want to spend the summers here because that is when this country really delivers. Lol
I'm slowly getting back to my life at home. I know I've only been here for 3 whole days, but it really isn't that hard to get used to it. I have a couple of shifts this week, which I'm excited about, and at the end of the month the girls and I are driving up to Vasa again for the annual pampas dagarna. Super pumped about that! Especially since it hopefully will be my new hometown next year!!! Speaking of which, my studious life will begin in April, and a part of me is dreading it. Mostly due to the fact that I haven't been in school in over a year and I'm afraid I've become stupid and forgot how to study. Is that even possible? Seriously sometimes I'm scared of the most ridiculous things!

Anyways, I still need to get my pictures on the computer, and a couple of videos. If I can manage it I would love to put parts of my skydive here for y'all to see.

For now I'll just leave y'all with this song I've had on replay today.

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Kiinnostaa lukea lisää Australiasta! :)