Monday, November 19, 2012

Running man

Guess who just went for a run with her old man?? Me! Haha, I'm so proud of my dad!! I ran pretty fast and he kept up with my pace until the end! He even spurted with me the last 50 meters! Haha, I think we ran like 2miles or 5-6km....
 I've been so efficient today, calculating math for like 4 hours and done some other homework I had. Man, I'm proud of myself!!

I have a feeling that this week is going to be great!! On Wednesday we're FINALLY going to watch Twilight (Breaking Dawn, who cares). Yay!! I hope I won't get disappointed.... And on Friday we're celebrating little Christmas with my school friends and having a gift exchange. On Saturday I'm spending some quality time with my team!! Sometimes it's a struggle to try to be fair to the two group of best friends I have.... Both of them are like a family to me and I can't choose! So please don't be mad at me, I love all of y'all!
So now I just have to come up with a present, what to buy!? Any ideas? Oh, and we always put a money limit since all of us are out of money, soooo something that can mostly cost me 5euros??

My dad and I, and a random kid photo bombing our picture. Lol! I miss my tan :(:(:( 

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