Sunday, November 18, 2012

So... I was gonna go for a run, but I updated my phone, well that's the problem. It's not done yet (not even near) and I can't run without music.. I have no idea were my ipod is so I'm just gonna go downstairs and do a couple of workouts from! Their workouts are super hard and you're sore for a long time!! Besides the girl that makes the videos have a rocking bod which only motivates me more.

I also really need to study for my upcoming tests this week!!! Especially math and psychology! The dumb thing is that I'll have a test every day this week, but I'll only have history the following week and it's on Wednesday which means that I'll have a 4 day weekend..... haha.

I probably won't blog anymore tonight, so y'all have a great Sunday night (day, wherever you may be reading this)

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