Monday, February 11, 2013

around we go

I feel like I'm running from one place to another and I never stop. Like I forget what I'm really aiming towards and just trying to do it all at the same time. I'm so nervous about tomorrow, it's actually time to do the final exam in English, for real. No turning back. It just upsets me because I know I could do so much better than what I have. I just need to focus, but I feel like that's not enough.
There are so many things to do. This week is gonna go by super fast.
Tomorrow there's only the listening part (that lasts for an hour( and then I'm free for the rest of the day, Wednesday I only have two classes, and it's showtime on Thursday. I'm still really uncertain on which dress to pick, yes I have two to pick from, but I'm leaning towards the other one.

I'm sorry if people don't always grasp what I'm trying to say. Sometimes I use this blog as a way to clear my thoughts, and sometimes it means that it only makes sense to me, or doesn't make sense. Anyway, this is pretty much how my head works at the moment. I'm thinking about a million things, trying to do too many things, trying to do more then I can, and just feeling like I can't anymore. Like I've given it all and it still isn't enough. Thank God it is winter break next week. Not that I'll be doing much more then study for my health education exam, but still, it's a break from waking up early every morning, which seems like a huge struggle for me at the moment. I think my body is just craving sunlight and summer. Hopefully summer isn't too far away! Last year I was tanning by now. Seems like a lifetime ago. Now I think I'm just going to stop writing and start focusing for the exam tomorrow.
Wish me luck (I could really use some)!!!!! This is a big deal for me.

I miss this Barcelona 2010

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