Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I just came home from a power walk with my Dad. Or it was more like me sprinting because my Dad takes so much longer steps than me with my short legs. Haha, it was fun though and the weather is beautiful. I'm hoping that the spring is back on track and that all that snow on Sunday was just mother nature's way to tease us.
Oh, btw my internet wasn't working last night so I couldn't inform y'all of how it went.
So after 2 hours of sitting at the doctor yesterday, I can happily say that I got away with a scare. No fractures or broken bones...... which means that I don't have to get a cast!! The bad news are that I'm not able to practice or workout for the rest of the week. :(
I'm so tired after the movie on Monday . We went and watched mama and it was seriously one of the freakiest movies I've seen in awhile. I had to put my hand on my mouth because I didn't want to scream (and I did do better than Elli) Haha! The ending ruined the movie though. Horror movies should leave you scared to go to sleep at night, but I wasn't at all because of the sucky ending. Why is it that horror movies always suck because of the ending? The directors should really come up with better endings. Lame.

Not the happiest girl, haha! 

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