Wednesday, August 7, 2013


at di TREVI  yesterday
Yesterday I went to dinner with my two main squeezes J & J. My birthday present to Jessica was that I was going to buy her dinner and a movie and yesterday we did the dinner part. I only paid for her dessert and a glass of wine though because she told me that she didn't want me too pay for everything since she always ends up picking the most expensive food on the menu.

I had been feeling sick all day, and I was not going to eat anything rich, but when I got to the place I just thought it would be so stupid to just buy a salad and nothing else... soooooo I had snails for starters, chevre salad for main and a chocolate fondue with vanilla ice-cream for dessert. That was stupid and I should have just listened to my body because when I got home I felt so sick!
This morning was awful, but I didn't want to call in sick, so I even went and worked out. I felt better for like a minute, now I feel awful. Only 7 hours left of work, yaaay...

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