Saturday, October 12, 2013

News, news, news

This week went by fast. I've not only managed to get myself through the first week of a new period, which is going to be extremely busy with my 2 classes.... and finally found out the date for my surgery and that it's such a relief.
I've shopped at crazy days, laughed and played with silly, little kids at work and just tried to catch up on some sleep. Yesterday was fun! I had a nice lunch with Juls (year model 1995). I haven't been able to hung out with her in ages so it was great to talk to her about stuff that's been more or less bothering me and we kinda think alike in some ways, so it's easy to talk to her. In the evening I went to Juls's (year model 1994) and Ella's housewarming party which was a lot of fun! I ended up going out to dance and had a blast! The DJ was really good which is always a plus! I left pretty early because I got hungry.. I probably shouldn't forget to take dinner to work and not eat all day and then feel like starving .. Whoopsie! I also wanted to catch the last night bus, but of course I missed it by like a minute and waited for 30 minutes outside in the cold for the next one, to then realize when it wasn't coming that the schedule had a little x which meant that the next one wasn't coming at that time until November... Sometimes I just feel like such an idiot... Lol. Thank goodness for  cabs, even though I somewhat find the cab drivers a bit creepy from time to time.
Today I've mostly done nothing besides going to see my brother's basketball game (they won, whoop) and went for a long walk outside with my dad. I wanted to take pictures since it was such a lovely weather outside, but now I'm too tired to upload them. You'll see them tomorrow.
Nighty night, don't let the bed bugs bite!

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