Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Wish List

Christmas wish list

Okay, usually I have a hard time coming up with ideas of what I would like for Christmas, but this year it was more than easy?? Wonder why? FIRST OF ALL! I just want to say that these are just wishes, I do not expect to get any of them, okay I know I'm getting one of them, but still. I already got the best present (which btw was my Christmas present from ME to MYSELF) and that is to finally get to see all my loved ones across the world!! That was the most important one, these are just some of the other ones and some of them I intend to buy for myself if I don't receive them as a present hahaha. That sounds so wrong, but all I'm trying to explain is that I'm not spoiled and I pay for almost everything by myself, so all y'all haters thinking I'm some spoiled brat, well guess again! 

  1. Anyways, I've been begging my mom to get me a metal reck for my clothes, it doesn't have to look like the one in the picture, I'd actually prefer if it was a silver one. This is the one I'm hoping will be waiting for me (assembled and all, thanks daddy) when I get back home. Haha! 
  2. Another thing I'm hoping my parents would get me is a heart rate monitor. I want to know exactly how hard I'm making my body work during my workouts and I think this would be the perfect thing. Plus, I hear it's great to have even if you wouldn't care about how many calories you burned. Lol. 
  3. Okay, this is probably my biggest wish: Ray-Bans. I bought a pair during my exchange year, but last spring, I lost them during a night out… I searched for them everywhere, but I'm pretty sure they fell from my pocket and now someone is a happy owner of my gorgeous ray-bans. I NEVER lose anything that I know cost a fortune, and I can truthfully say that I cried for days when I couldn't find them!!! So that's my biggest wish.. Either the one's in the picture or the basic wayfarers. I'd have to try out which ones I'd decide upon! Man… I still get mad at myself. Lesson learned for sure. 
  4. Make-up brushes. I've slowly started taking a liking to doing my make-up, but I'd love to have the proper make-up tools. I also fully intend to make a visit to Sephora and Walmart for some much needed make-up stuff since it's so much cheaper than here in finnyland (boo)
  5. Clothes are always a safe card with me! I mean I'm going to go all shopaholic when I land on the soil of The United States. Forever 21, Victoria's Secret, Urban Outfitter etc. WATCH OUT! 
  6. My poor Juicy Couture perfume is spraying it's last fragrances and I'm in desperate need of a new bottle of that, and maybe something else! I like using the JC one for daytime, but I'd like something for the nights as well! 
  7. My favvvvvorite part: I need (want and need is the same thing right?) workout clothes! I especially wish, need, want a pair of new gym sneakers. I love the nike ones (I'm a nike freak), and I want ones in a cool color (green, mint, pink - everything works). Ah, USA I'm so ready for you! 
  8. Last, but not least I always put money as one of my wishes, just because I know that it's something that always comes to good use. Especially since I have a senior trip to pay for in the spring. EXCITED MUCH?? Haha. 
  9. Not on the picture, but I do love me some books! Especially all the classics. 
So here's my long list. Actually it's pretty short compared to the ones I used to write to Santa Claus when I was little…. I was a probably a parent's worst nightmare wishing for all those 50000000x barbies.  What are you going to wish for Christmas and what do you think about my list? 

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Jäzzz said...

Vitsi ja vill ha dendä Christmas skjortan! " Merry Christmas, you filthy animal!" XD