Tuesday, November 26, 2013

the small things you forget about

I just took a break from studying. I'm trying to study as hard as I can, but it's hard. I think it's always the worst when there's a vacation coming up. I know that I'm going to be so disappointed in myself if do poorly though, so I should get back to my studies.
Anyways, tomorrow's my last exam and then the last period of my high school will start… Sounds so crazy! Other stuff coming up this weekend is my work's Christmas party and Ansu's birthday party and next week I'll have graduation party and our own Christmas party with the girls. I love this time of the year and I hope I'll get to see some snow before I leave!!

Oh, one of my friends mom's posted this video on Facebook and I had to share it on my own page, but I also want to share it here on my blog. It was just as much of an eye opener as it was funny, so here you go! Hopefully you'll think it's as funny as I did. I especially liked the "naming my dog after you part"…

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