Friday, November 22, 2013

Fab Friday

- morning cardio at the gym and a small workout for my butt & thighs
- attempting to study at the library (I was too tired and too hungry to function properly) 
- Lunch at Pub Niska (definitely the best pizza place in town) with my three J's 
- work with only one kid to look after (not to mention this kid always watches the same movie and doesn't utter a single word) 
- getting to see my favorite Sanna at le work
- being beyond excited about seeing Catching Fire today!!!!!! Also a little bit excited about the popcorn, but more about that after the movie (if I have the energy) 

My little Josephine and I had a hard time taking a picture together because we couldn't stop laughing at the silliest things! I'm pretty sure Jess didn't get a single good picture so here is one that shows how hard it was to capture us on film. Gahh, I'm so happy to have these wonderful ladies!

From Jessicas camera. Man I'm ugly when I laugh hahahaha

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