Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tapas & Girls Night Out

Heey peeps!

Yesterday was energetic! I got to sleep late which was nice due to the lack of sleep I had in these past few weeks… The day consisted of cardio and basketball games. I went to the games with my mom, dad and Sofie. I love watching basketball with someone whom doesn't quite get the rules. It's even funnier when the person is Sofie because she asks such random questions that even I have a hard time coming up with an answer too…
However the nightly activities consisted of a girls night out, starting it off at Sofie's where she had made tapas (yummy in my tummy) and we just talked and laughed. Later in the evening we went for a couple of drinks to RHC (I settled for water) and at midnight I said goodbye to the girlies as they took of dancing and I had a bus to catch. The night was fun and all in all a success! Thank you Sofie 

© Sofie's // yummy tuna snacks // I'm pretty sure Josso & I are never going to be able to take a serious picture… haha

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