Monday, December 9, 2013

A bunch of chickens

I hope this Monday has started ahhh-mazing for everyone?! 

I'm sorry I didn't post about the "party" yesterday. Our internet was being a pain in the butt, and I was too tired to care.
Anyways, we had so much fun! We were loud and everyone had something to tell to each other, so it pretty much ended up with everyone yelling at one another. I think it's because the whole group get to hang out maybe once a month, and not even that since Kat's living in Vaasa. Jassi had made a ham pie and a glögg, gingerbread cheesecake (did I say that it was delicious), Cristel had baked gingerbreads and Isa had made these pastries we call Christmas tart??? I was in charge of the salad, which ended up being a regular salad, with watermelon and halloumi cheese, with cashew nuts on the side. I think it tasted pretty good, I mean you can't really do poorly when making a salad??

Our Secret Santa-gift exchange went well. Cristel bought me products for having my very own pedicure at home, which was great!!!! I think everyone else got great gifts as well, so in my mind it was a success!

Now I have ton of homework to do before I leave. I also have to start packing, wash all the clothes I want to bring with me, check the weather… I'm so bummed that it's exceptionally cold there this year. I was hoping for warmer weather..
I just checked the weather, and in FL it's not as hot as it has been this week, but I think I'll be able to tan some days!!!! Fingers crossed! In TX, it's warm (at least compared to freezing finnyland), so I'm content. 

I have such beautiful friends (Ella in particular & Sofie who's hiding… )

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