Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bad Luck Chuck

We got our senior stuff today, FINALLY! After waiting for quite some time and guess what?? My one-piece came in the wrong size… I ordered a small and got an extra small, and let me tell y'all, this booty ain't no extra small. Lol! I'm just glad it was me instead of someone else because I'm not too upset about it. Mistakes do happen, things take time and sometimes you just have to stop whining and get off that high horse of yours and live with it. If I'm lucky it will fit Josso (who's way skinnier) better and we'll switch, since her's is a small. I'm not hoping for too much though, so if it won't fit Josso either, I'll just send it back. I ordered a really cute bag which came out perfect, so if things don't workout, I'll at least have that.

Now I'm gonna go for a run and clear my head and tonight I'm going to Jessica's sister's dance performance. Hopefully it will be good!
Talk to y'all some more tonight!

Positive thoughts peeps, positive thoughts! (Wonder where this is coming from?)

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