Monday, December 16, 2013

Beach Day

Jacksonville, Florida 2013 
Since Taru's playing basketball here, I have to be alone during her practice, but it's okay since I've managed to have a lot of things to be occupied by. Like on Friday Emily took me to the JAX beach and it was amazing!! The weather was perfect (Em thought it was freezing). I love the beach!!! I could live by the beach. Actually I want to live by the beach.

Sorry for not blogging! I have a few posts that I want to do though, so keep an eye out for them! I'll post another one in like a few hours about today! Trust me, it's quite the story. Haha.

P.S. I'm already feeling anxious because of the lack of workout. Tomorrow I want to go for a proper run, but only if the weather is lousy. Otherwise I want to soak up the sun. I'll run my butt off when I get to TX.

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