Monday, December 16, 2013

Crazy Sunday filled with laughter and despair

Today has definitely been one of the most interesting days here so far. Taru had practice from 9-11AM, which meant that I stayed at the dorms. I watched like 5 episodes of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and did some youtube cardio workouts, and rehabilitated my shoulder as I have been told to do.
Anyways, when Taru came back from practice she told me that we could get a ride with Flow and her parents (whom are visiting from England) to get something to eat at Town's Center. We decided to catch up on the offer, and went to Panera Bread (broccoli cheese soup and a grilled cheese sandwich, yummyyyy). After our lunch we went to Publix, which is pretty much like walmart. We bought milk, greek yoghurt and fresh fruit. Flow's parents were kind enough to drive us back to Taru's dorm and here was were the interesting part of the day started… See everyone leaves the Campus for Christmas, only a few getting permission for extended stay (the basketball players for example) and so Taru had her key working. Somehow her key stopped working yesterday and we left our door unlocked, so that we would be able to get back in. Well a cleaning crew had come by during our time out and locked our door. Meaning that we couldn't get in anymore!! We had no idea what to do, so we just ended up walking around campus trying to find the cleaning crew, without success. Taru called her coaches and they told her to go to this one place where we could find someone that would know something. We found out that there would be someone who could open the door, but they wouldn't be there for a while, so we came up with this crazy idea to go to the movies.
The idea to go to the movie isn't that crazy, but Taru's never been to one while staying here, so she had no clue where to go. She googled this place that was supposed to be close by, so we called a cab. As we were driving to the movie theatre, we realized that it wasn't as close as google had told us (damn google), and so we had to pay a bit more than we thought. It didn't really matter that much though because the place we went to was SO CUTE! The theatre was old and was only showing one movie, in this case Catching Fire. It didn't matter though because I really liked the movie, and it was as good the second time, as it was the first.
After the movie we walked around the town and went to Starbucks for some hot chocolate and called a cab to pick us up. When we got back we called someone to open the door for us, but unfortunately our food had been taken (we left the food by our door, when we went looking for the cleaning crew).
All in all the day was fun, a little expensive, but fun! Now we're a bit tired and a bit pissed that our food  was gone, but at least we got back to the dorm.
Sorry the text is really long, but it was a funny trip and I wanted to tell y'all about it.
BTW, heard one of the worst jokes I've ever heard today, while talking about Finland and fishing..
"Why is the fish so thin? Because it eats other fish!" 
Ha Ha Ha, funny right? NOT! 

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