Monday, December 16, 2013


 We went shopping on Saturday and this is some of the stuff I bought:

Found it at Urban Outfitters and this is definitely going to save my life!! 
American Eagle
Urban Outfitters (MY NEW LOVES)
Something for someone special 
 Oh, and the place we went to was huge. We only made it to about 5 shops because first of all we spent like an hour at Urban Outfitters, which I so want to go to again when I get to TX.
Today we're just going to chill, the sun is shining (yahoo), so if it's warm enough... pool time!! We might go and watch Taru's teams game at somewhere further away, if Flo's parents decide to go because we would be able to get a ride with them. Taru's not even allowed to travel with the team to games and I feel so bad for her.

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