Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I thought I was a pro

Seriously??? I SUCK AT PACKING!! I'm having a minor freakout because I'm pretty sure I've overpacked, meaning I'll have so much to carry when I get back home. Argh, I wish I could just bewitch all my clothes so that they would be waiting on me when I arrive. I don't want my bags to be overweight… Especially when I get back home (which it probably will).
I'm really leaving tomorrow????? I'm so excited!!! And nervous… And also a little bit scared, mostly about how stupid and foreign I'll sound again. Hahahahahaah.
AAAAAAAANYWAYS, I'm going to bed because I want to wake up early tomorrow for a quick workout. I packed my sneakers and I want to keep exercising while being there, but I wouldn't be surprised if I just "forgot" about it…

Taru, palmtrees, the ocean, home #2, quesadillas, tacos, fruit loops, friends & family, hearing lots and lots and LOTS of y'all - ready or not here I come! BIG LOVE

Dreaming about FL & TX (I only have TX pictures though)

can't wait to hug my Jakers, poor puppy had a burned nose in that picture  // Forth Worth '11 // Port A '11 // Christmas '11 // home #2 

P.S. I might post something from the airport tomorrow, but we shall see! I'm a busy gal.

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