Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kan vi bara vara här i en minut?

So, the stress is getting a little bit easier! I had the final exam in Government yesterday. I'm not sure how it went… I feel like none of the questions really gave me a hard time, but I'm scared that I'm going to do as poorly as I did with health education last fall.
What else? On Monday I wrote a four page long essay about my exchange year and how I "found" myself there. I mean I pretty much poured my heart out on that paper, so it's going to be sad if the grade won't be satisfying.
Tomorrow I have my reading comprehension in Le English and I'm so nervous! I just want to do really well.
Now I'm off to watch my girlies eat food, while I might just stick to some dessert. If they have anything worth paying for. I'm trying to save up money just because I want to move to my own place after this summer, and it's not exactly cheap.


Ps. I'm not a ginger

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