Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mornings are not my cup of tea

I'm having this huge dilemma right now. I have two options, workout after work this morning or go home and tan, and do the workout after my evening shift??? I mean it's not that much of a dilemma since I want to get darker, so obviously I'm going to come home and tan…. I just hate working out so late because I'm tired after work, especially if it's like it was yesterday with 4 boys and 1 girls that wanted to play hide and seek, which turned into a shout fest and running around like crazy persons, while I had to look after a toddler so that she wouldn't get under their feet. Haha.
It could be way worse though. I know for a fact that I'll probably have at least 3 babies coming in this morning. I don't mind though, one of them is practically an angel.
I'm sorry if this work talk is boring, it's just that it's pretty much all I do at the moment. I haven't hung out with any of my friends in AGES. Lame.
On a positive note, the weather is amazing here. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for it staying like this throughout next week as well!!

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