Sunday, July 13, 2014

1st official Sunday post

Hey peeps!

Today I've already been to the gym, sunbathed and watched a couple of episodes of OTH (for the 500th time). Today was leg day which we ended with 100 lunges! Man my butt feels like jello.

I didn't really say anything about last weeks festivities at the festival. The most memorable things were Bastille, Veronica Maggio and the bungee jump. I loved it!!! I felt like I was flying. Seriously exhilarating, and I'm definitely doing it again!! Somewhere cool, way higher.
Other than that my life's pretty uneventful with work and working out. My friend Santtu is helping me out at the gym and man am I tired after our workouts! They're killer!
See? I don't really have anything special to tell y'all. I'm just doing whatever I feel like everyday after work. Mostly just being too tired to do anything special. I'll have Tuesday and Wednesday off next week, and I'm hoping I'll be able to just tan and do something fun.
Anyways, I have some things I still need to take care of. I was supposed to go to pilates at 6.30, but I think I'll have to skip it because I really do have some things that I finally need to tend to.

So here it is, my first Sunday post. I didn't really have that much to say, but then again you don't always have news to share or opinions to express.

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