Sunday, July 20, 2014

Find joy in the ordinary

Someone wise once told me that you should find something good in each day. Some days it feels harder to accomplish than others, but I try to do so, in order to feel happier. If you constantly focus on the bad things, your mood can't me anything else than sour, but if you take the time to cherish small things like a smile from a stranger or the soothing rain on a hot summer day, you might feel a little bit better, despite having a bad day. I am not saying that bad days should be forbidden because let's face it, they are inevitable and they will exist.
Another smart person told me to do at least one nice thing for myself and someone else on each day. It can be something as little as telling someone that they look nice or letting yourself have that chocolate bar you have been craving all day. Sometimes those things are the ones that end up leaving you with a smile upon your face when you lay down in your bed in the evening, instead of falling a sleep feeling blue.

This week was kinda rough. Work is kinda starting to make me tired.. I think it's mostly because it isn't as busy as it usually is due to summer vacays and such. I worked out everyday, even though I felt like just staying at home sleeping, so I'm definitely proud of myself for dragging my butt to the gym regardless of the fact that in all honesty I didn't want to do anything. 
Johanna came for a visit this weekend and I loved having her here! It's extremely therapeutic to spend time with her and we're quite alike, so I don't have to worry about offending her or saying something that I shouldn't. It's just funny how similar you can be even though the other one is a complete princess and the other one is... well not as much. 

Tomorrow will be the beginning of a new week. For me it is filled with 8 hour work shifts, tough workouts and hopefully doing something other than those two as well. 

Next weeks challenge:
1hour PW every morning, except Wednesday because I would have to wake up at 4 in order to get the PW done before work. 

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