Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Every great song ends sometime

You know what is crazy? The fact that I'm twenty years old and I still have the biggest school girl crush on Nathan Scott from One Tree Hill.
I saw my first episode of OTH when I was like maybe 11. I didn't think much of it back then. I thought the guys looked cute and I liked the fact that they were playing basketball, but then one summer break I saw that OTH's season 1 was on sale and I bought it. I watched the whole season in probably 2 days, and I had my first crush. Usually people fall for Lucas, but I always thought Nathan was the hotter one. I remember watching the first season, then buying the second one, waiting WEEKS for the third to arrive and finally buying the fourth one. The other 3 I have I either got as a present or bought for myself, but I never really cared for them as much as the first 4.
I started watching the series again and the first thing my dad asked me when he saw what I was watching was: Don't you know all the lines by now? And you know what? I probably do, but they never grow old. I still find myself laughing at Tim's stupidity, smiling over Brooke's silliness and crying over the heartbreaks over Keith's death and Naley's bumps in their relationship.
There is no greater show than OTH, and when I become a fan of something, that lasts for A LONG time. I can honestly picture myself watching OTH with my grandchildren and still find Nathan Scott the most attractive guy ever.

Is it stupid to write about a show? Haha, probably, but I do love my One Tree Hill. Anyways, two posts in a row? I guess the sleepless nights are having an affect on me.

I'm lucky to have friends that are equally obsessed about TV shows, even though it isn't One Tree Hill for them... 

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